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North Country Tours began in 2002 by Scott and Cindy Ashley of Lake City, MI.  After purchasing a 28 passenger shuttle bus, we set out to provide consistent casino travel to the various Michigan based casinos as well as a variety of sight seeing trips.  Through the years our customer base has continued to grow, and now covers all of the Central Michigan region and even some from the Detroit Metro area.  To accommodate all our pasenger needs, a full size coach was purchased in 2006.  Business continued to expand encompassing both in and out of state travel.  We are now utilizing multiple contracted motor coach lines to accommodate all of our new and expanded coast to coast travel needs.

We believe that providing excellent customer service and safe transportation brought the success of our expanding passenger base.  We have grown on a personal level with a vast majority of our customers; and have truly enjoyed every minute of it.  We have formed an intimate "family" of friends that are all so special to us.

We could not have done all this without the help of our devoted escorts.  They are all unique in their own ways and bring a personal level of service on their own, for which we are truly grateful.

So if you want to relax, sit back, and truly let our team service and entertain you on one of our travel destinations, just call us with your trip of choice and we will get you on board.  Remember, travelings with us "It's not just a ride, it's an adventure!"  Once you have joined our family of friends, you will come back.  And we thank you.

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