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Odawa Casino Resort

Petoskey, MI

Casino Play: $20 Free Play Credit

Food: <none>


  • <none>

Kewadin Casinos

St Ingace, MI | Hessel, MI | Sault Ste Marie, MI | Manistique, MI | Christmas, MI

Casino Play: Free $10 Credit each stop

Food: Overnight only: $10 Dinner with a night stay at Kewadin plus breakfast


  • <none>

Bay Mills Resort and Casino

Brimely, MI

Casino Play: Free $15 Credit

Food: Free $10 Food Coupon on overnight trips


  • <none>

Island Resort and Casino

Harris, MI

Casino Play: Overnight Trips Only, Returning passengers receive their earned package from $10-$200/day

Food: Free $5 Food Coupon


  • First time passengers receive $20/day of Casino Play (overnight trips)

Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel

Williamsburg, MI

Casino Play: Free $10 Credit

Food: $2 off Coupon


  • Earn additional $10 cash after making 75 points on card

  • Overnight package increases to $15 credit /day

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